Because sometimes, we all need someone to talk to…

Wednesday Nov 10, 2021

Since 2004, there has been a steady decline in the mental well-being in the UK. Recent statistics demonstrate that there is 48% elevation in the mental health needs of our children and young people.

Our need to promote emotional well-being starts at birth, when the connection and attachment that we have to people, and our environment is key.

As little people, we often feel the same emotions as adults, but in a different way. We don’t always have words for what we feel, know how to express this or show it. For many adults this is the same.

Our Braintree Quadrant Department Store are now stocking these amazing little Mood Bears to support this. There are eight cuddly bears that each express recognised feelings or states.

We hope that, in time, they can encourage us all to talk, listen and understand our feelings, thoughts and moods.

Meet the bears:

  • Happy Bear is bright yellow, with a personality that’s sunny. Happy always looks on the brighter side of life and loves to be smiley and funny. Happy is always there for you and can brighten your day with a simple cuddle.

  • Love Bear – With bright red fuzzy fur and a warm welcome heart, Love Bear will make your heart cheer.

  • Nervous Bear – Snuggle up with Nervous Bear’s bright green fluffy paws, and if you’re feeling anxious or slightly out of sorts, he’ll help to calm your mood and lighten the load.

  • Silly Bear – when the world gets far too serious and you’re in need of a giggle, silly bear will be there with the most contagious wiggle. Silly Bear is bright purple, so you’ll know he’s there.

  • Sad Bear is always blue. Sad Bear looks sad and gloomy, but he makes the best of friends. No matter how you’re feeling Sad Bear will snuggle with you when you’re feeling sad and sooth away your fears.

  • Hope Bear is the bright and colourful one. Mood bear holds all the Mood Bear shades. Hope wears a beautiful rainbow that will brighten up your days. When the days get difficult, much harder than they seem. Hope turns the storms to rainbows.

  • Angry Bear is bright orange, just like a fiery temper. On the inside he is full of love and wants to be your When you’re feeling angry and all out of control just give this bear a great big squeeze. He will help calm down your soul and he’ll take all of your anger away.

  • Calm Bear – His calm green fur is soothing and he’s very soft to cuddle. When you stress and worry, just know you’re not alone, Calm Bear will be with you, by your side in the unknown.