Carb lovers rejoice; World Pasta Day is here!

Monday Oct 25, 2021

Carb lovers rejoice; imagine warm spaghetti in a rich red wine sauce, with seasoned sausage slices, courgettes, and mushrooms served with crusty garlic bread on the side.

Or, perhaps the idea of a rich Chicken Fettuccine in a creamy carbonara sauce is more to your liking.

Pasta comes in over 600 shapes known to mankind, and their names are usually Italian words that are delightfully descriptive of their shapes. Spaghetti (‘cord’), vermicelli (‘little worms’), rotini (‘spirals’), fusilli (‘spindles’), tortellini (‘little cakes’), linguini (‘little tongues’), conchiglie (‘shells’), fettuccine (‘small ribbons’), penne (‘quills’) and capellini (‘fine hairs’) are the savoury little goodies that are essential to your food cupboard.

World Pasta Day (25th October) is the perfect time to celebrate our love for this versatile food…

History of World Pasta Day

World Pasta Day was brought into existence as part of the World Pasta Congress on the 25th of October in 1995. Experts from all over the world came together to discuss the glories of pasta, with particular emphasis on the importance of spreading knowledge of the world’s panorama of pasta. This organisation uses World Pasta Day to promote the eating of pasta, along with its cultural and culinary importance.

How to Celebrate World Pasta Day

Food days are simple and easy to celebrate, but they can come with a variety of layers as well. Look to these ideas for inspiration, then create your own ways to celebrate World Pasta Day:

Eat Pasta–and Lots of It!

One of the best ways to celebrate World Pasta Day is by preparing a favourite dish and enjoying the delicious flavours and textures that come along with that noodly goodness. There’s no better way to renew a deep appreciation for it than by wolfing down this healthy and semi-nutritious food.

Most people don’t enjoy eating pasta without any sauce, but the options for what to put on it range from the simple to the complex. Try it with a little melted butter and garlic. Cheese sauce (such as alfredo), tomato sauce (Bolognese or marinara), and pesto are traditional options. But some people like to get super creative with unique flavours like butternut squash carbonara, avocado and mango sauce, or herbed white wine sauce. The options are virtually endless!

Host a World Pasta Day Party

People who are feeling like they want to share the day can go all out and host a World Pasta Day party. This is a great way for everyone to come together to share their favourite pasta dish, or exchange recipe ideas with other guests to help the love of the noodle spread. Be sure to be prepared for one momentous night of rich and creamy carbohydrate overload. It may be that naps will be mandatory, but stomachs will most definitely be full!

For the truly daring, enhance the party by having participants only bring pasta dishes that they have never tried before. Try new noodle types, or even making your own pasta. Experiment with sauces and flavours that may be outside of the normal palate.

Try Making Homemade Pasta

Some people find it a little difficult and time-consuming, but the benefits of making fresh, homemade pasta are worth it! The easiest way to make it is by using an at-home pasta maker, which can be a little bulky to store in the kitchen but turns pasta-making into a breeze.

The recipe for pasta is simple, using just a few ingredients. Basic pasta will consist of semolina wheat flour, eggs, olive oil and a bit of sea salt. Some pasta recipes don’t include eggs, while others might have a more unique flavour, such as spinach, sun-dried tomato, saffron, roasted red pepper and more.

Those who don’t have a pasta maker can certainly make it by hand, as it was done for hundreds of years in every home in Italy! It takes a little more work in the rolling, but it’s a fun, adventurous project in the kitchen. A food processor and stand mixer will help this process immensely, and a pasta drying rack is also a useful tool.