Coffee for the future…

Thursday Sep 30, 2021

Rising temperatures mean that coffee production on the slopes of Mount Kenya is moving higher into the cooler climes. Clearing the forest to make way for coffee plantations causes soil degradation and loss of wildlife. It’s estimated that by 2050, the amount of land suitable for growing coffee will have reduced by half.

The Fairtrade-certified co-operative of Mutira Farmers, who supply Co-op Kenyan Fairtrade Roast & Ground Coffee, 227g, is based here.

Fairtrade Africa is aiming to encourage more young people into coffee farming, as well as helping overcome issues caused by climate change.

Supported by the Co-op, a Fairtrade Africa youth training programme is addressing environmentally friendly farming and distributing more climate-resilient coffee beans.

Enjoy International Coffee Day on Friday 1st October with a cup of Co-op Fairtrade coffee.