Co-operative Streets

Everybody needs good neighbours!

The UK is far less neighbourly than it was three decades ago (according to a recent report from Co-operatives UK).

What has changed between 1982 and 2014? Neighbours who…

…do shopping for me are down 82% to 6%

…look after my pets or plants are down 51% to 23%

…keep a spare key for me are down 42% to 27%

…do gardening for me are down 38% to 6%

We want to help make Essex a neighbourly county again!

Co-operative Streets is Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society’s campaign to make us all better neighbours. Taking the lead from Ed Mayo’s (Secretary General of Co-operatives UK) report we want to help the communities in which we live and serve become even better neighbours.

Research has found the more people get to know their neighbours, the lower the crime levels in their area, the more children thrive more, and also the schools fail less!

We are encouraging neighbourliness and co-operation amongst our staff, customers, members and indeed entire neighbourhoods.

If you’d like to introduce yourself to your neighbour, download the following form, fill out your details and put it in their letter box!

We are still a neighbour-friendly nation but let’s make it even better!