Chelmsford Star and the Big Co-op Clean Up

On Saturday 4 July, Chelmsford Star Co-operative worked with the City Council to organise a Summer Park Clean-Up which covered the City’s Central Park. This clean up event was part of the Council’s NICE programme but also dovetailed in with the ‘Big Co-op Clean Up’ campaign which was the main theme for Co-operative Fortnight 2015.

Dozens of people from young to old turned up to don a jacket and helped clean not only the park but also the river itself thanks to the Chelmsford Sea Cadets, who covered a large stretch of the river in their boats.

Kevin Bennett, Head of Membership for Chelmsford Star Co-operative, said,

We were delighted to see so many volunteers turn up to tidy up the City’s parks. We would like to thank all the volunteers that came along as together we retrieved well over 50 bags of litter and 10 bags of recyclables materials.”

 “This was the first event of its kind that we’ve been involved with, and I’m so pleased that some of our members were able to co-operate as a team to clean up the city. I hope we can organise a similar event next year, because it proved that working together we can achieve so much more.”

Co-operative Fortnight is an annual awareness campaign to help people become more familiar with their local co-operatives, including Chelmsford Star which has been supporting the Essex community since 1867. In addition to the City event, the Society also partnered with co-operative school St Clere’s in their own Clean up event, supporting the Brentwood Community Day and provided refreshments at the Beehive Lane Primary School Clean up event too.

If you would like to keep your local area free of litter, the council can provide all the litter pick equipment. To find out more about NICE events then please visit or contact them on 01245 615800.