Jacques Vert fashions host fashion show at Little Baddow WI

Donna Knight from our Jacques Vert Group concession based in the Chelmsford Quadrant Department Store organised and hosted a Spring Fashion Show at the Little Baddow Memorial Hall on Thursday 5th April.

The WI Group kindly made a donation of £50 to the Society's Charity of the Year, Little Havens.

Donna highlighted the advantages of visiting our fashion department to ensure you are buying clothes in the best fit for your shape and size, the best shades for your colouring as well as the advantage of trying clothes on and seeing their actual colours and fabrics instead of buying online. 

The afternoon showcased a wide range of casual, day and eveningwear, including some stunning pieces, perfect for the mother of the bride or groom, which were wowed by the audience.

Donna spoke about how different styles of clothing work with taller or shorter ladies and what style of trousers work for different occasions. 

Donna also mentioned that the Quadrant store has an in-house tailor, Leon who is on hand to make any necessary alterations to that (almost) perfect outfit.  

Donna stated "It was a fantastic afternoon and it's always great to showcase our clothing to people who may not think to visit us in the Quadrant. I  informed the ladies that they need to continue to support their local stores and high street, and I emphasized the importance of trying garments on, otherwise, stores will disappear. I reminded them as well that 33p in every pound they spend in the Quadrant stays within Essex, which seemed to spark a reaction from the audience."