Dormeo Beds – New to the Chelmsford Quadrant Store

Wednesday Jan 25, 2023

Celebrating 20 Years of Sleep Expertise

Dormeo has been the home of a great night’s sleep for 20 years and has made a huge impact on millions of people all around the world. This special anniversary is a celebration of international success that has contributed to bringing a revolution to the sleeping industry and has educated consumers, who are now more aware that healthy sleep is one of the most important pillars of a happy and fulfilling life.

The times have certainly changed, but Dormeo’s values and mission remain the same – to provide optimal comfort where it is needed most – at home. A home in which you love to live. After all, sleeping is not only a biological need, but is essential for wellbeing, health and coping with everyday obligations. Our products help make your bedroom a calm, comfortable and effortless sleeping environment, resulting in refreshed and invigorated mornings, and Dormeo as a sleep expert can make this dream come true.

An International Story

Dormeo has been bringing top-quality Italian-designed, European-made memory foam mattresses direct to people’s homes for the last 10 years, becoming one of Europe’s most trusted bedding brands in the process. We manage to keep prices low by selling direct to you, the consumer, cutting out the middleman. Our passion and commitment is that everybody should sleep on the very best mattress they can afford, and dealing directly with you helps us achieve just that. Dormeo products are made for everybody, every bedroom and every budget, which has meant that millions of our mattresses are allowing people to say good morning to a great night’s sleep in 40 countries worldwide. Looking to buy Octasmart products outside the UK?

The Dormeo Memory Foam Mattress Difference

We continue to source Dormeo memory foam mattresses primarily in Italy because that’s where we find the best European luxury design and craft for the best price. Each Dormeo Memory mattresses has an Ecocell® core that adapts to your body’s shape and temperature to guarantee you a great night’s sleep at a price that won’t break the bank.

Sleeping on a mattress or a pillow from viscoelastic memory foam gives you a personalized sleeping environment. It responds to your body’s position, temperature and adapts to its contour. Besides giving you exceptional sleeping comfort, memory foam is alsohypoallergenic and thus suitable for people who suffer from or are prone to allergies.

Open cell Ecocell® is a top quality comfortable new generation foam, designed for excellent sleeping comfort. Because of its open dimensional cellular structure it enables efficient air circulation. It is firm foam that constantly retains its shape, no matter what pressure is applied to it. The elastic nature of Ecocell® allows it to conform to the unique contours of your body.

Award-Winning Technology

Our innovative Octaspring technology is truly groundbreaking and exclusive to Dormeo. So much so that it has been recognised by the aviation industry by winning the prestigious Crystal Cabin Award. As part of the Octaspring aircraft seat, the Octaspring took top honours thanks to its improved comfort, better breathability, and up to a 30% reduction in cushion weight – a key breakthrough that will help operators save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. Winning the award has signposted Octaspring as a key innovation in the future of the aviation industry. We are proud that, not only will people continue to experience the comfort of Octasprings in their beds with our Octaspring mattress range, but also now in the airways!

Products are available on display on the 2nd floor of our Chelmsford Quadrant Department Store