East Tilbury store re-opens after refurbishment...

Our store in East Tilbury has re-opened after an eleven-day closure for a major refurbishment.

The store originally opened in May 2007 and was beginning to look tired and in need of a make-over. It now has extended ranges of chilled foods, including dairy, snacking and meats, plus there is an improved range of beers, wines, and spirits. Doors have been added to chillers to make the store more energy efficient.  

Our 'Only Way is Local' range has also been introduced to the store, including Fairfield's Crisps, Brentwood Brewery, Marriages Flour, Cotchel Juices plus Broadoak Farm Sausages, to name just a few. Several local suppliers attended the opening day for customers to sample their products and feedback was very positive.

The store was re-opened on Wednesday 7th November by Society President, Pauline Dodd, aided by children from East Tilbury primary school. 

Customer feedback has been positive with regular customers commenting that the store looks cleaner and fresher and they like the doors on chillers.