Local school help to re-launch Forest Drive food store!

Pupils from the School Council of Westlands Primary School assisted in re-opening our Forest Drive (Chelmsford) food store this morning (13th June) alongside Society President, Pauline Dodd.

The store had been closed for ten days whilst a full refurbishment took place within the store. New flooring, lighting and fridge doors have been installed to ensure that the store is more energy efficient. The tills have also moved location, making the store look more spacious! 

An extended range of chilled produce, chilled beers & wines and a new free-from range have been added to the store. 

Customers have been very positive about the store re-opening today and comments include:  "Very nice, clean, fresh and airy. It's so well stocked now and the variety is good for a small shop."

Sweets were donated to the children from Westlands School as a thank you for helping us to re-launch the store, plus some money was put onto their community card.

The store is open from 7am to 10pm, seven days a week.