The Only Way is Local - Calling all Essex Food and Drink Producers!

Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society has pledged to support Essex food and drink producers by stocking their produce across the Society’s 37 convenience food stores.  They are also proposing a huge tasting event in Chelmsford City Centre.

The Star Co-op is a founder member of an annual event called Co-operative Fortnight which is a national campaign that raises awareness of co-operative businesses in the UK.  This year Co-operatives Fortnight runs from 22 June to 6 July 2013 and focuses on how co-operatives are local, loved and trusted.

Co-operatives across the country including Chelmsford Star will use the period to highlight different aspects of what makes them different to other business models.

Vanessa Howard Marketing & PR Manager at the Star Co-op said;

“We believe that playing our part in the local community is vital to the economy from employing over 850 people to supporting local businesses.  This year we want to focus on Essex food and drink producers as we have some superb products made within our county and we want to shout about them.”

"We have for some time been committed to supporting regional producers in our convenience food stores and we work closely with Tastes of Anglia, the membership organisation that supports and promotes food and drink producers across East Anglia.  Many of the regional products we currently carry are supplied to our stores via their distribution service.”


“We have taken the decision to strengthen that relationship by partnering with Tastes of Anglia in this project to source and showcase food and drink products specifically from Essex based producers under a project called  -  The Only Way is Local, support your Essex producer."


The Society currently stock over 20 Essex produced brands covering beer, wine, pies, ice cream, sausages and bacon, crisps, preserves and pickles and others. However, it suspects that there is more Essex food and drink suppliers still to be found and would be delighted to hear from them.

On Thursday 4th July from 6pm to 9pm, the ‘quadrant’ Chelmsford will showcase its current range of Essex producers where visitors can learn more about the products and production as well as tasting just what Essex has to offer.