Snappy Shopper

We have teamed up with Snappy Shopper, so you can get your co-op food shopping delivered to your door in less than an hour.

Sounds like a dream, but it will shortly be a reality, from 1st March, you can get your groceries delivered to your door, contact free. Simply download the app ready!   

Download the SnappyShopper app:

The service, available thanks to the Snappy Shopper website and mobile-app, will initially be offered to those closest to the Chelmsford city centre, and will enable shoppers to order their convenience shop online and see it arrive at their door within 60 minutes.

Head of Food, Joe Kerr, said of the new initiative; “The pandemic has brought about many changes to the way we live our lives. Lockdown rules mean people are worried about popping to their local convenience store for a top-up shop like they used to, so are often going without key household items. But this has led to a wider cross-section of our community being comfortable using the internet. We hope this move will bring the ‘convenience’ back into convenience store shopping.” He added that the hope was to expand the service into other areas of Essex as soon as practically possible.

A huge range of food, drink and toiletry items will be made available through the service, including some of the most popular meal deals. 

With Chelmsford Star continuing to invest money from every shop purchase into the community, and with Snappy Shopper offering the first delivery for free (and just £3 after), you can order your forgotten shopping items or evening treats from the comfort of your sofa without any feelings of guilt. Trial starts 1st March.