Bereavement Counselling

The loss of someone can be devastating and few are prepared for the impact of emotions afterwards. Bereavement affects people in different ways and there is no right or wrong way to experience it. However some people find the adjustment very difficult to cope with and when this feeling lasts a long time then bereavement counselling can help.

Our service

Chelmsford Star Co-operative Funeral Services now operates a free bereavement counselling service from our Main Road branch in Danbury. It is run by our Family Liaison Officer, Jill Rushbrook, who has a BA Honours in Counselling and Physiotherapy.

The 6 sessions which are free of charge, last 50 minutes each and are run in a private and comfortable room where everything that is discussed is kept in strict confidence. Support is given in a one-to- one situation by Jill, who is trained to help an individual explore their emotions over a number of sessions.

Clients that used the service have found it has helped them immensely in the healing process.

“I didn’t realise just how much grief I had inside. The sun has started to shine again for me.”
J D’Arcy Chelmsford.

“I saw Jill at your Danbury office and without her help I could not see an end to my grief, having suffered a double bereavement. I will always be grateful.”
(name withheld)

“Jill Rushbrook at Danbury office has helped me so much with her counselling she is a fantastic lady and friend”
(Name withheld)

The Society offers the service to anyone who feels they need help to mentally adjust after bereavement, irrespective of their background or length of time since bereavement.

For further information please contact 01245 221444 or email