You may encounter the phrase, “in lieu of flowers, please send donations to…”

If the family has requested donations to a specific cause or charity in lieu of flowers, you can choose whether to make such a donation. If you do, the etiquette is to do it within 10 days of the funeral service so that the family can include you when writing thank you notes after the funeral.

Choosing a Charity

Usually the family will designate a charity which quite often is linked to the bereaved. They may make reference to it in the obituary notice in the local press or online.

You will need to write to the charity, including a cheque and in doing so make sure the charity knows the name and address of the bereaved family so they can be notified of your kindness. If you wish to remain anonymous, the family should be made aware that a donation has been received to commemorate their loved one. If the charity is a National one, but with local offices you may request that your donation benefits the local community.

We can take care and handle all donations on your behalf.

Online Donations

If you prefer to donate online then there are a number of organisations you can do this through such as which lists local and national charities.

Our free online obituary service also gives you the option to donate online.