Chapel of Rest

All of our funeral homes have their own private chapel of rest with the exception of Broomfield. Hopefully this makes visiting loved ones easier, being in a familiar and comfortable environment.

We aim to make you and your loved ones as comfortable as we can. You are most welcome to stay in our Chapel of Rest for as long as you wish Monday to Friday between 9.00am – 5.00pm. Saturday viewings are available in our Baddow branch from 9.00am to 12.00 noon. Viewings outside these hours are at the discretion of the funeral director and are generally done to accommodate visitors travelling a distance.

In the Chapel of Rest the coffin lid will normally be open. If you feel uncomfortable especially if you are viewing on your own, your funeral arranger will be on hand to support. The lid can be closed on request.

Preparing for Viewing

In visiting a loved one, there are many aspects to be given consideration. Primarily, your loved one will always look slightly different than you may remember them.

Let’s not lose sight of an important point, we’re all individuals, unique and have very different personalities and when someone dies that person is no longer able to express their personality and character, thus making the visual appearance lacking a memorable image. As such, we look at ways of implementing additional elements that will help in creating a familiar image, creating a more positive ‘experience’ rather than just taking in the visual appearance.

Clothing for your loved one

Clothing can significantly change the way in which someone looks. Having them dressed in clothes that would be usual, something they felt comfortable in, something you would associate them in, this will help build a more recognisable appearance.

Hair and Makeup

If you supply the makeup for the deceased our embalmer will do what is necessary. A photograph of the deceased wearing makeup and how they normally wore their hair would assist our embalmer who will prepare accordingly.

Placing personal items in a coffin

Personal items can be placed in the coffin, fond items that were treasured by the life lost. A favourite book, soft toy or any other relevant item can be placed in, or even around the coffin during the visit. In creating a viewing experience, other senses are also given consideration. Music can also help relax a visit, playing something that may have been favourite tracks or performers; it all helps in building the experience.

Photographs and good memories

In the chapel of rest, you may like to display a photograph or small selection of possessions or keepsakes that depict a hobby or pastime of the deceased. Many families have said that this helped to make this aspect of the funeral more personal to them?