Coffins and Caskets

The selection of a coffin or casket

We supply a wide range of coffins and caskets, in a variety of materials and finishes from the most simple to the truly elaborate, suitable for burial or cremation.

We recognize that for some people choosing a coffin may be distressing, but it would be inappropriate for us to make the decision for you.

Choosing a coffin or casket can be a difficult task but we are trained to deal sensitively with this part of arranging the funeral and are on hand to deal with any questions or queries that you may have, to help you make the choice.

All of our coffins and caskets are tastefully and well made by skilled craftsmen in a number of veneers or solid woods. Our environmentally friendly range of coffins is made from sustainable materials causing minimal environmental damage including wicker, banana leaf, willow and cardboard.

Making it Special

Many bereaved take great comfort from placing personal items, for example photographs or letters, in the coffin with the deceased. We place no restrictions on what may be placed in a coffin whilst the deceased is in our care. However, there are restrictions placed by crematoria, for example, metal or glass objects. Where appropriate, we will give advice.

Carrying the Coffin or Casket

Our professional team of bearers will be on hand should any relatives, friends or colleagues wish to carry the coffin or casket.

Dressing the Deceased

It may be your wish that the deceased be dressed in their own clothing and this is normally acceptable. However, in some circumstances, particularly where cremation will take place, we are bound to comply with regulations, which restrict certain materials.

If you are considering providing clothing for the deceased, please seek our advice. We can supply a wide range of dressing or suitable robes, which are acceptable to the relevant authorities.

Our Coffin and Casket Showroom

View a range of coffins and caskets in the showroom at our Broomfield and Danbury branch, Chelmsford. Alternatively please view our coffins and caskets brochure. If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us for assistance.

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