The cost of the funeral

When you have made your choice we will give you a written estimate of the cost. If, at any stage, you would like to change anything we will help you do this. Any changes you make may however affect the cost of the funeral.

The cost of the funeral is made up of the following;

Professional Fees from your Funeral Director

  • Appropriate advice and support, liaison with third parties and personnel required to arrange the funeral.
  • Supplementary charges including presentation of the deceased and provision of a hearse.
  • The cost of the coffin or casket.
  • Additional charges such as limousines. Additional mileage and the cremation casket.

Other Services

  • Orders of service, flowers, obituary notices, releasing of a dove etc.

Disbursement Fees

Disbursements (or third party fees) are fees that the Funeral Director will pay on behalf of the client. According to the client's individual needs, these may include crematoria, cemetery, church, organist, minister and doctors fees. These fees are outside of the control of your Funeral Director and can be subject to change on an annual basis. They also can differ between crematoria etc and from area to area. Below is a guideline of prices.

Fees 2016

Crematoria    From £670

Church          From £140

Minister         From £150

Organist         From £70

Doctor            From £164

We kindly ask for the payment of disbursements as a deposit for the funeral at the time of making the funeral arrangements.

The costs of a funeral are defined as a debt against the estate so you may be able to arrange for the funeral to be paid by the estate rather than paying this amount yourself.



Sometimes a loved one passes away at a tough financial time for you and your family.

If they haven't been able to leave enough money to cover their funeral expenses. the costs can be daunting. We understand this, and want everyone to benefit from a dignified and respectful funeral service.

What is a Simple Funeral?

To keep costs low we focus on creating a simple, respectful funeral.

If you choose this option, we can help you spend less while giving you and your loved one the same exceptional standards of service that you would expect.

What does it include?

Care of your loved one

  • We will bring the deceased into our care at any time day or night, within Essex.
  • Your loved one will be prepared, dressed in their own clothes or simple gown.
  • You may view your loved one by arrangement within office hours (excluding embalming). 

Arrangements & Administration

  • We will arrange the service and specify the best date and time for it to take place.
  • All necessary documentation will be completed and fowarded to the appropriate authorities.
  • You will benefit from our advice and guidance as needed
  • Charitable donations will be collected on behalf of you and your family. 

Conducting the Funeral

  • We will provide a simple coffin and a simple white gown
  • A Funeral Director will be in attendance
  • A hearse and bearer team will take your loved one direct to the crematorium or cemetry.
  • We will receive floral tributes and take them to the crematorium or cemetery.

Total Funeral Cost £1, 295

Please note the Simple Funeral does not include disbursement fees, for example: Doctors, Ministers, crematorium or cemetery.



We have put together a Funeral package to help with the cost of the funeral, which includes our most popular choices.

Our Funeral package provides the following;

  • Removal of the deceased into our care, at any time of the day or night.
  • Care and preparation of the deceased,  dressed in own clothing or gown set, laid to rest in a simple veneered coffin and provide facilities to care for the deceased until the day of the funeral.  
  • Hygienic treatment and preparation of the deceased for viewing.
  • Provision of a hearse and one limousine - to seat six people.   
  • Provision of four Pall Bearers.
  • Attendance of the Funeral Director.
  • Local arrangements and administration.

The total cost of this package is £1,995 and excludes disbursements.

The price will also include the following services:

  • Provision of 24 hour assistance and support up to the occasion of the funeral and thereafter.
  • Provision of guidance and advice on registration of death and Benefit Agency procedures.
  • Make all necessary arrangements, obtain statutory forms, liaise with third parties, e.g. Doctors, Crematoria, Cemetery, Clergy, Church, Organist, etc.
  • On the day of the funeral, our Funeral Conductor and Pall Bearers will carry out the funeral arrangements in accordance to our client’s instructions.

This is a set package and no other product or services can be added.


Arrangements & Administration

  • Arranging the service at a convenient time within Essex.
  • Obtaining the necessary documentation, competing and submitting to the appropriate authorities.
  • Advice and guidance throughout the arrangement.

COST: £665

Care of the Deceased

  • Collection of your loved one into our care within Essex.
  • Care and preparation, dressed in own clothes or gown and laid to rest in the coffin or casket of your choice and provide the facilities to care for your loved one until the day of the funeral.                                                                                                    
  • Use of Chapel of Rest.

COST: £360

Conducting the Funeral Service

  • Attendance and services of the Funeral Conductor.
  • Provision of a hearse and four Pall Bearers.
  • Receipt and care of floral tributes.

COST : £585

For the above professional services