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In general most people are reluctant to think about the details of their own funeral which is perfectly understandable as none of us like to consider our own mortality. However, without leaving any guidelines or wishes, it will be up to family and friends to determine what someone might have wanted.

You might like to consider the following;

Our Plans

Since 1936, Chelmsford Star Co-operative Funeral Services has been handling the funeral arrangements of the Essex community. We have built up an enviable reputation for quality of service, based on our approach to managing our clients’ requirements.

Why Have a Funeral Plan?

Planning ahead doesn’t come readily to many, especially when it’s about the inevitable. However, it can not only take away the financial burden for your friends and family but it can also give you complete re-assurance that your wishes will be fulfilled.

Having a Funeral Plan can be a great help as no-one knows what is around the corner. With a plan paid for in advance, no-one has to worry about what type of funeral, coffin, how many cars etc. because it is all sorted beforehand.

Planning a Funeral

Every funeral involves a large number of decisions about many different aspects which often have to be made during the worst time of someone’s life when faced with bereavement.

Thinking about your own funeral is never an easy thing to do but by planning ahead it affords you the opportunity to bring a real peace of mind for not only yourself but your family too.

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