Wish List

In general most people are reluctant to think about the details of their own funeral which is perfectly understandable as none of us like to consider our own mortality. However, without leaving any guidelines or wishes, it will be up to family and friends to determine what someone might have wanted.

You might like to consider the following;

  • What type of funeral do you want?
  • What faith?
  • Who do you want to come?
  • What do you want them to wear?
  • Do you want flowers and/or donations?
  • Music?
  • Where do you want the obituary to be seen?
  • Where would you like the ashes to go?

To assist we have created a Wish List which is a tool to help you plan out exactly what you would like to happen before, during and after your funeral. It can be used in conjunction with a Pre-paid Funeral Plan and stored alongside so that when the time comes all the paperwork is together. This Wish List can be of great assistance in guiding friends and family who are at the time coming to terms with grief.