Funeral types


With the rapid growth of relatively cheap and easy travel more and more people go abroad for their holidays, others retire to warmer climes whilst others, due to our closer ties with Europe and expanding international trade, work abroad.

Unfortunately this inevitably leads to more British subjects dying abroad either naturally or from accidental or violent causes. In consequence we are requested to arrange funerals for these persons in his/her country.

Eco Funerals

Natural burial grounds are the alternative to a traditional cemetery or church yard. They provide a final resting place in a countryside setting and insist on bio-degradable material to be used in coffins and shrouds. They also ask that bodies are not embalmed thus reducing land pollution. A green, or natural burial is therefore a way of caring for the dead with minimal environmental impact. This helps conserve natural resources, reduces carbon emissions, protects worker health, and restores and/or preserves natural habitat.


The Cremation service

The cremation service can be religious or non-religious or you may choose to have no service at all. Any service that takes place must be carried out within the time allowed for each funeral and not impact on the funeral before or after. The duration of the service varies between crematoria but is usually 30 minutes, which allows time for people to enter the chapel, hold the service and leave. If you feel you will need a longer period of time, it is possible to book the following service time for an additional charge.


Often, the deceased will have left information in his/her will concerning what they want to be included in the funeral service (hymns, prayers) and will also say whether they wanted to be buried or cremated. The funeral is held after death in a church or at a crematorium. This can take place in some cases up to a month after the death has occurred.

The most common form of burial is in a churchyard or cemetery. Subject to local regulations and availability you normally have the choice between using a new or existing grave.

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