Grant eases lockdown symptoms in small children

Friday Nov 25, 2022

The latest beneficiary of one of our Community Fund grants is the wonderful Writtle Green Pre-school. The school has seen the effects that lockdown has had on pre-schoolers, including a drop in the average standard of reading, heightened anxiety, the inability to play or share with other children, and a greater need for additional assistance in general. Many of the homes in their local community are flats without gardens, so some of the children have also spent little of their young lives outdoors.

Manager Katie Carter (centre) with Pauline Dodd (2nd left) and some of the Writtle Green Team amongst the recently developed outdoor space.

The grant money coming from Chelmsford Star’s Community Fund has allowed them to introduce new measures to help combat this. From additional play equipment in their renovated outdoor space, to an autism-friendly reading shelter and a group storybook area complete with Storyteller’s Throne. Manager, Katie Carter, said, “We’re so happy with this beautiful outside space which will be used all year round. The children have great fun in the sandpit and on the climbing area, and our kids with additional needs have had their special requirements met. Thank you to Chelmsford Star and your customers!”

Pauline modelling the Storyteller Throne

Pauline Dodd, Chair of the Membership Committee – a council of elected members who chose where the Fund is spent, said, “It was wonderful to witness the passion Katie and her team have for their job, and to see the little ones making full use of the new equipment. I particularly like the Astro-turf roadtrack that teaches road safety!”

Some outdoor equipment was purchased from the fund.

For more information on Writtle Pre-School, which operates every weekday in term time, click here.

For more information on Chelmsford Star’s Community Fund, please click here.

Money in the Fund comes from collection pots, colleague fundraising, and a portion of all sales made within our businesses.