The heatwave’s on and Britain’s going to be sizzling this weekend!

Thursday Jul 15, 2021

We wanted to offer you some of our top tips for coping and sleeping in the heat, from duvet advice to keeping your home cool. Read our top ten list to beat the heat this summer…

 1. Choose the right fabrics.

Wear thin cotton pyjamas that let skin breathe and soak up excess sweat. Similarly make sure your bedsheets are made of cotton, rather than manmade fabrics, such as nylon.

2. Use a water spray.

Giving bed sheets a little spray, not a soak will help keep you cool throughout the night. You can also spray your curtains to create a light breeze that will float around your room.

3. Chill your sheets & pillow cases

Yes you can freeze your sheets and pillow cases. Put them in a plastic bag, then in the freezer for a few minutes to get them icy cool. You could also consider a pillow that has cooling gel technology.

4. Close the curtains during the day.

It may be tempting to throw open your curtains all day long to let air in, but this may cause your home to heat up more.

5. Use air conditioning or a fan.

These can create a much-needed cool breeze to circulate. Ensure windows are open too if you can, to let some fresh air to get blown around.

6. Stay Hydrated

You should do your best to stay hydrated all the time anyway, but it’s essential to drink more in warmer temperatures. Keep a bottle to hand to remind you to keep drinking!

7. Lower your duvet tog

The scale of duvet togs range from 1 (coolest) to 15 (warmest). For summer we recommend a 4.5 tog duvet. Anything about a 10 is ideal for winter.

8. Turn off all plug sockets.

Plug sockets and electronic devices leak energy into the air, so not only will you save some money on your electricity bill by turning them off, they’ll help to lower your room’s temperature.

9. Rinse your wrists

Running your wrists under the cold water tap for a couple of minutes can help reduce the temperature of the blood running through your veins. This can then slightly lower the temperature of the rest of your body, making sleep easier.

10. Make a ‘cold water bottle’

Yes, it works the other way round – fill up your hot water bottles with ice and chilled water and place it on your pulse points, such as the neck, wrists, knees and ankles, or pop it in the freezer and bring it to bed with you.

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