How British brand, Vispring have changed how the world sleeps.

Friday Jul 09, 2021

How well you sleep depends a lot on the bed you choose to rest on. Our lifestyles have changed beyond recognition over the past century, but our need for sleep remains universal, we cannot function without it.

Good quality sleep is a commodity that we should all be investing in, so it makes sense to consider your choice of mattress very carefully.

A mattress is arguably one of the most important investments you will ever make. Sleep is so personal and unique that the notion that a ‘one size fits all’ is completely absurd.

Research has shown that comprising with a product that is not suited to your height, weight or sleeping style will undoubtedly lead to health problems in later life, all of which substantiates the case for choosing a high-quality mattress to support your spine.

Vispring invented the pocket spring and have subsequently changed how the world sleeps. It is a reputation they are proud of, so they have always been very careful to protect their status as industry leaders by maintaining excellent product standards.

With over 120 years of experience in handcrafting mattresses, Vispring has become one of the most trusted and best-known bed makers, both in the UK and globally and their mattresses come with a unique 30-year product guarantee.

Uniquely, all the springs used in Vispring mattresses and divans are made in the Vispring workshop in Plymouth. Most other mattresses simply buy their springs from a wholesaler.

The calibre of the raw materials used in a Vispring mattress is second to none, such as real Shetland wool, this is incorporated to maximise comfort and to help regulate body temperature. This wool is an intrinsic part of Vispring’s heritage; at least four full sheep fleeces are used per mattress and as such they maintain close relationships with the crofting industry to safeguard their futures.

Packed with Purity.

Vispring mattresses are unique in that without their signature filling they just would not be the same. Vispring source the highest quality natural materials from across the globe, and every fibre is especially selected to perform a very specific purpose.

British fleece wool, horsetail, silk, cashmere, and mohair; all of which is expertly teased over the cotton covered pocket springs by hand.

How much sleep do I need?

To guarantee that you choose the best mattress for your needs, we would strongly advise that you visit one of our Quadrant department stores. In store you’ll be able to talk to an experienced member of the team to discuss which mattress will work best for you.