‘Lighthouse’ joins our Chelmsford Department Store…

Friday Mar 24, 2023

Look great and stay dry, whatever the weather.

Celebrate the simple moments, live a little slower and treasure everyday adventures.

Wouldn’t it be great to worry less about the weather and instead enjoy the moment you are in? Happily you can, because we have you covered.

To encourage a simpler, more joyful life, Lighthouse create style led weatherproof clothing for the daily dash, easy coastal wanders and the wild and wonderful everyday.

Products that make life a little simpler.

Lighthouse coats have been designed with care in Northern Ireland – they know a lot about rain, wind and patchy weather forecasts. Inspiration comes from their love of the coast and the desire to make life a little simpler.

Lighthouse products are beautifully crafted, designed with style and ready for life’s everyday adventures. By being ready for anything, it makes your life a little simpler.

Next time the weather rolls in while you are enjoying a beautiful moment in the wonderful outdoors, walking to work or chasing your little ones around the park, you’ll not have to worry… because you’ll be wearing a Lighthouse jacket.

Live the moments. Don’t rush them.


Available now in our Chelmsford Quadrant Department Store.

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