New Membership Card

Introducing your new membership card from Chelmsford Star

In the past, Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society’s members had a ‘Starcard’ to collect ‘Stars’ from the majority of the purchases they made in our stores. As a result of extensive discussions with the Co-operative Group - the UK’s largest Co-operative retailer – the Starcard was replaced in late 2009 with The Co-operative Membership Card, a national membership scheme with many more benefits.  

All membership details, such as share capital and dividend entitlement, is held on the Co-operative Membership card just as it was on the old Starcard, and it offers the same great level of return as it always did. However, ‘Stars’ are now referred to as ‘points’ and ‘dividend’ as ‘a share of the profits’. The big difference is that you can now use the card in other Societies, in fact any co-operative where you see the yellow membership sticker displayed on the door or window.

Still have an old style card?

To arrange for a new card to be sent to you, please contact customer services on 01245 216900 or e-mail them at You may need your old membership number to hand.