Chelmsford Star Coop Announces results of Annual Elections at its AGM

Chelmsford Star Co-operative was delighted once again to have fully contested elections at its 2013 Annual General Meeting held on 29th April, 2013.

The meeting, chaired by its president Pauline Dodd, took members through both trading performance and forthcoming initiatives prior to voting.  She commented;

“Despite the difficult trading environment, the Society was still trading profitably and that members should be much encouraged by its positive performance.”

The Society posted gross takings of £93.7m which was the 15th successive year of above inflation growth.  ‘Like for like’ sales growth was up 4.9% and net profit at £1.6m was up 14% on the previous year.  She paid particular attention to the travel and funeral department’s record results.

During the meeting the President also paid tribute to the contributions from recently retired Head of Finance and Society Secretary, Roger Myddelton and retiring Chief Executive Officer Tony Gudgeon. She also formally welcomed the new Chief Executive Officer Barry Wood, Chief Financial Officer, Lisa Waghorn and Secretary Ellen Tredwin.

The results of the voting were as follows;

Board of Directors;

·         Judy Saunders

·         Lance Gardner

·         Susan Sullivan

·         Roger Simons


Membership Council;

·         Kevin Bennett

Members’ Council;

·         Gary Martin

·         Susan Charsley

·         John Knott

·         Lois Bowser