Elected members

Help steer Chelmsford Star into the future by becoming an elected member!

What Is An Elected Member?

Since 1867, our members have stepped forward to represent their community, or others like them, so that that their interests are taken into account. After all, Chelmsford Star is owned by its members so we need to know how they want us to serve them!

These ‘member representatives’ express their opinions through one of three levels of interaction; the Board of Directors, the Membership Committee or the Members’ Council.

Each level requires a different amount of commitment, experience and availability, and focuses on a particular aspect of the Society’s business. They meet regularly with members of the Society’s Executive team to help guide business strategy and comment on decisions being considered based on their own life experience.

Read our booklet HERE for everything you need to know about becoming an elected member.


Who Is Eligible To Stand?

Any person can step forward for nomination, providing that they fulfil the following criteria;

  • They’ve been a member of Chelmsford Star for at least one year for Board nomination, or at least six months for the Committee or Council.
  • They, or a close relative of theirs, is not engaged in a managerial capacity of any business trade or undertaking which competes with the Society
  • They are not bankrupt
  • They accept and agree to abide by the relevant Code of Conduct (see below documents)
  • They fulfil the following share capital or spend criteria;
    • Board: At least £250 share capital, or purchases from the Society over at least £500 the previous year
    • Membership Committee: At least £100 share capital, or purchases of at least £250 the previous year
    • Members’ Council: At least £50 share capital, or purchases of at least £100 in the previous six months
    • For the full eligibility criteria see the Society Rules below.


What Are The Differences Between Each Level Of Involvement?

There are different eligibility criteria for applying to each ‘tier’ of our governance, but differences also include the amount of understanding needed into our business practises, and the level of time required to be spent focussed on the position. Get in touch for specifics, but a general overview of each might be;

Board Of Directors: Directors must meet monthly with our CEO and CFO to discuss our business performance, but are also expected to join a further committee; either audit, membership, remuneration, succession planning, or pension. A deep understanding of our business is required, but training is given. It is a commitment, but a rewarding one as they can truly guide the Society’s future strategy.

Membership Committee: Meeting 8 times a year, committee members are also encourage to attend events and get more involved in Society activities. Some knowledge of the business is helpful, but ongoing training is provided. Focussed specifically on member and community events, members elected to the Committee can ensure the Society focusses on causes and initiatives important to them.

Members Council: Ideal for those new to this kind of business, the Members Council meet 4 times a year to hear updates on the businesses performance in terms of finance and membership. Members are encouraged to get more involved, and training is provided when necessary. Often, people ‘dip their toe’ in the Council before moving up the ranks to Directorship. Council members are able to highlight community concerns that they’d like the Society to investigate and potentially support.

Read our booklet HERE for everything you need to know about becoming an elected member.


The Society displays signs in all its premises as soon as nominations can be accepted, inviting members to put themselves forward. This typically falls in February and March (between 56 and 42 days before the AGM to be precise). Those wishing to put themselves forward can apply for a nomination pack, which will be sent out in the post or via email, and the closing date is 42 days before the AGM (usually late March/ early April).

Nominations must be submitted on the appropriate forms and include the requested supplementary documents. Candidates will need to provide details including their name, address and membership number. The candidate will also need to be nominated and seconded by fellow members, who will need to sign the nomination form having provided their name, membership number and address.

Deadline for 2024 nominations is 4pm on Monday 25th March. 

If you are interested in standing for an elected position, or want to know more, please contact the Society Secretary on katie.hodges@chelmsfordstar.coop

Alternatively, you can download the relevant nomination forms from the list above.

Anyone wishing to stand as a Member Representative in 2024 must have their completed nomination forms with us by 4pm on Monday 25th March at the latest.