Chelmsford Star Celebrates Milestone With Exhibition & Book

Chelmsford Star Co-operative, the oldest independent retailer in Essex, has launched an exhibition at Chelmsford Museum to celebrate its 150 year history.

The Society, which opened its first food store in Tindall Street in 1867, now owns over 40 more, plus funeral homes, travel agents and the Quadrant department stores across Essex. As a Co-op, it invests a third of all the money spent in its stores into the local community in some way, and this exhibition – launched by the Mayor of Chelmsford in attendance of Society employees past and present – goes some way to explain how that money has been put to use.

Accompanying the exhibition is a book, Chelmsford Star: 150 Years and Counting..., featuring the anecdotes and memories of its employees over the years, plus a whistle-stop tour of its history. The Society is making the publication free to its members. CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR COPY!

“Without members guiding our community and charity work, and benefitting from our dividend, Chelmsford Star might be like any other retailer,” said Head of Membership & Marketing, Kevin Bennett. “This book details some of the impressive achievements our co-op has achieved over the years and it seems only right to make it freely available to them.”

If you would like your copy, take your Chelmsford Star Co-op membership card into the Quadrant in either Braintree or Chelmsford and collect it from their customer service desk. Alternatively, call their members helpline on 0800 2540404 to make alternative arrangements.

The exhibition will be in place until 28th August, and contains a mock-up store, timeline, and memory-book for those wishing to leave their own recollections of Chelmsford Star Co-op over the years.