Creating the perfect mattress...

This month, we welcome Vispring into our Chelmsford Quadrant Department Store. This prestigious brand has been creating bespoke beds since 1901. 

Abespoke bed by Vispring is a guarantee of supreme comfort and an untroubled night's sleep. Master craftsmen use techniques refined over the course of a century, combining individually pocketed steel springs with the finest materials that nature has to offer.

Every Vispring is made individually to order - and entirely by hand. The skilled gestures of the master craftsmen, passed down from generation to generation, ensure the resilience and quality of all mattresses and divans.

As the name suggests, springs are a precious ingredient in the Vispring recipe. They work in harmony with your bed’s upholstery to supply a delicate balance of strength and softness.Vispring produce all of the springs themselves, in a process practically unchanged since 1901.

We have Vispring beds on display in our Chelmsford department store.

Stuart Crockard, Furniture Manager for the Society commented: "All Vispring beds are upholstered with only the finest natural fibres, selected and blended for the ultimate in comfort and support. Nourished by the elements, distilled by the seasons, they are the gifts of a generous and benevolent Nature. We feel very honoured to be able to stock these beds and feel that our customers will really love them!."

Come and see for yourself just how comfortable they are...