New Irresistible Pizza's with Sourdough base launched in our food stores...

Over the past 12 months, members of Co-op’s Delicious Food development team have been on a journey to create the most authentic Italian pizza range available to buy from a national retailer.

Co-op developers have taken inspiration trips to explore the famous food regions of Italy to source the tastiest, authentic ingredients that are both rich in flavour and, most importantly, Italian heritage.

One of our proudest achievements with the new Irresistible pizza range is the dedication that has gone into the creation of the sourdough base. When visiting Lecce, Puglia, we met Nonna Rizzo who has been making traditional Italian breads and pizza bases – using a home-made starter dough affectionately known as ‘Arturo’ (‘Arthur’) – in her family home since the 1940s.

Nonna Rizzo has agreed for Co-op to exclusively use Arturo in our dough and it’s this 75-year-old mother dough that gives our pizza the same delicious taste and texture of real Neapolitan pizza.

The dough we create uses premium 00 grade flour and is slowly fermented for 24 hours, hand stretched and then baked by open flames in a real wood-fired oven – perfezionare!

For the sauce, we have created an exclusive blend of San Marzano tomatoes. The sauce is simply made by crushing the tomatoes together, just like they do in Naples. The result is a vibrant red sauce that is sweet and rich but with a clean flavour profile, which allows the other ingredients to shine through beautifully.

Each pizza is topped with ingredients, which have true Italian provenance and have been individually sourced by our development team from some of Italy’s most famous regions.

Our efforts combined with Nonna Rizzo’s dough expertise and, of course ‘Arturo’, is a collection of irresistible, authentic pizzas that bring the true taste of Italy to dinner tables across the UK.

Buon appetito!