Two week collection raises over £2000!

Thanks to a two-week bucket collection in some of our stores, we presented the Jacob Jones appeal with a cheque for £2,181.86!

Jacob’s been fighting high-risk neuroblastoma since he was 2. Despite the aggressive regime of treatment he endured, he relapsed in April 2016. 

Following this, he received additional chemotherapy with radiotherapy, and after, immunotherapy. The immunotherapy was a prerequisite to Jacob accessing the Bivalent Vaccine clinical trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York come October 2017; the trial was hoped to help keep Jacob cancer free. 

However, sadly, Jacob’s latest scan results have not delivered the news we’d all hoped; Jacob has relapsed with a lump in his neck. As a result, Jacob is no longer eligible for the Bivalent Trial as planned. Whilst Jacob continues immunotherapy, he will now receive this in combination with chemotherapy, with the aim of getting him back into remission. 

Jacob’s family are continuing to fundraise in the hope that Jacob becomes eligible for the Bivalent Trial at a later date, or any other promising experimental therapy abroad that could help him beat neuroblastoma. As such, they continue to appeal for your help to build funds so that they are readily available for Jacob if he needs them.  

Jacob’s Dad, Adam, says, “Following finding a lump on Jacob's neck and Jacob undergoing an MIBG scan last week, it has been confirmed that Jacob has suffered a 2nd relapse from Neuroblastoma. As you can imagine all of Jacob's family are totally devastated but we will carry on the fight.”

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