Writtle gets a makeover!

Independent Co-operative Society, Chelmsford Star, re-opened its convenience store in Bridge Street, Writtle after having been closed for 11 days for a major refit work.

Chief Executive Officer, Barry Wood commented;

“The store in Bridge Street has been serving Writtle since 1993 and was starting to look tired. Following the results of an in store survey carried out recently, and in conjunction with the Society’s refit strategy, a plan was drawn up to update the store incorporating, where possible the aspirations of the residents.”

The store was gutted in order to replace the floor and ceiling and has also had LED lighting and refrigeration with floor length energy saving doors, installed. It was then refitted and ranged to include an improved array of snacking, chilled drinks, dairy and chilled wine & beer.

Rollover Hotdogs, Dunkin Donuts & Coffee, Starslush Drinks and Cook (Remarkable Food for your Freezer, made in Kent) were introduced to the store.

Customer comments on these new ranges so far include:

“I like your ‘Cook’ section. That’s really good” and “I’m getting distracted by all your new products (in a good way). I love your new machines. You can only get Dunkin Donuts in Chelmsford so I will be back to get some from here”.

The new look store was re-launched at 10am on Thursday 30th March by Chelmsford Star’s President, Pauline Dodd, with local (top earning) community card group, Barrow Farm riding for the Disabled.

Since re-opening, customers appear very happy with the store and one comment received on the opening day was “There’s more variety here now. You sell things that other co-ops don’t. I will come back more often.”

Photo shows the store being opened by Barrow Farm Riding for the Disabled

From Left to Right...

Jade Reynolds (Staff), Andrea Jessop (Barrow Farm), Pauline Dodd (Society President), Karen Lehner  (Barrow Farm), Helen Hudson (Staff), Carol Smithers (Staff), Tom Anton-Garcia (Store Manager) and Mandy Walker (Staff).