Nominations open for Member Representatives

Wednesday Feb 15, 2023

Nominations for this year’s new Member Representatives are now open.

Members on our Board meet to discuss strategy

“We’re always on the look out for members who are prepared to give up some of their time to help us become the best Co-op we can be. In exchange for as little as a couple of hours every few months, we offer all elected members our colleague discount as well as remuneration for time spent with us over and above that,” says Kevin Bennett, our Head of Membership & Marketing.

Whether you are a regular shopper in our stores, a community representative, or even an interested party with an unusual work history, we’re keen to hear from you if you’d be interested in sharing your knowledge and perspective to help make Chelmsford Star a stronger Co-op. Maybe you’re retired but looking to make a difference to a local business. Maybe you’re in full or part time employment with the flexibility to attend meetings. Maybe this opportunity isn’t for you at all but you know someone who would be a perfect fit.


For more information on the levels of involvement available, the perks, and some background info, check out our So you want to be an elected member leaflet in stores or HERE.

For details on eligibility criteria, nomination forms and contact info, read more HERE.

Nominations close on 27th March 2023. Good luck!