Ready to start saving food?

Tuesday Aug 23, 2022

We are delighted to announce that we are embarking on the fight against food waste, by teaming up with ‘Too Good To Go’, now available across all of our Co-op food stores.

Globally, more than a third of food is wasted – and that’s bad news for our planet. Food waste is responsible for 10% of greenhouse gases, and we use a landmass the size of China to produce food we end up throwing away.

It makes no sense, right?

Too Good To Go is determined to help fix the problem. The anti-food waste app lets you rescue delicious, unsold food from businesses to save it from going to waste. In turn, the app powers its efforts to build an anti-food waste movement.

Too Good To Go lets consumers buy surplus food from businesses to stop it from going to waste. Consumers simply download the free Too Good To Go app and search for nearby businesses with unsold food. They then purchase a ‘Magic Bag’, collect it at an allotted time and enjoy it.

How it works…

Download the app here today:

Brendan Smith, Chief Operating Officer, commented  “The growth of the app in the UK shows just how important issues such as food waste are in today’s society. Consumers are becoming more aware of their purchasing habits and the impact this has on the environment. It’s encouraging to see that fighting food waste is continuing to gain momentum. As a Co-op, we want to be a part of this movement and help in the fight against food waste.”