Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society has pledged £1,000 to help save the world’s first wireless factory opened by Marconi in Hall Street in 1899 - which it predates by 32 years.

Community-minded Star Co-op, founded in 1867, became the first corporate sponsor to respond to Chelmsford Civic Society’s vision of turning the Grade II Listed Building into a STEM club facility to encourage rocket scientists of the future.

The cash injection will be given to the Civic Society when it achieves the aim of raising £380,000 to purchase part of the Marconi Works in Old Moulsham to turn it into Marconi Science WorX through promissory pledges made via the crowd funding website

Society Marketing and PR Manager Vanessa Howard said:

“As one of the longest established organisations in Essex we are proud to support the Marconi project and wish it every success in reaching it goal, if everyone co-operates then it’s very possible we can save a unique part of history right here in our city for future generations to appreciate, because once the opportunity has gone its gone forever.”

Pam Swaby, representing the Civic Society, said:

“We hope this generous pledge will encourage other corporate sponsors to help us realise our vision of encouraging young people to take up science, engineering and technology by making it fun and enjoyable.”

“We want to see another genius like Marconi emerge from our STEM initiatives in the very factory which made wireless equipment that rescued 1,500 survivors from the stricken Titanic and Lusitania liners and caught out the murderous Dr Crippen as he attempted to escape justice on a ship bound for New York. “

The Civic Society needs to raise £380,000 in ten weeks and pledges will only be activated if they reach that figure. If you would like to show your support, please pledge at so that Marconi's legacy will live on in Chelmsford.