Chelmsford Star Leads the Way on Gender Diversity

The recently published annual report on the state of the Co-operative sector titled “Homegrown: The Co-operative Economy 2013”, shows the Co-operative economy has grown by 3.3% during the last twelve months, a rate ahead of the economy as a whole.

In the latest report, Chelmsford Star is ranked 13th in turnover terms out of the UK consumer retail societies and 30th in the UK Co-operative 100, up one place from 31st in 2012.

The report, which can be obtained from Co-operativesUK’s website, also reports that 37% of directorships are held by women in Co-operatives.

Chelmsford Star is proud of its current gender diversity within both its Board and its Executive management team, with the Society out-performing the average for Co-operatives in both areas.  The Society currently has a 50/50 mix of females to males on the Board and 44% of the Executive management team compared to 25% across the movement as a whole.