Have you earned a share of our profits?


Have you earned a share of our profits? If you attended our AGM on 13th May, you'll know that we awarded £5 for every 1,000 points that members had earned by the end of our financial year (26th January 2019). Any points earned since will be included in our pay out next year.

Your share of the profits will be available to spend directly from your membership card. To find out if you have earned a share of the profits, please refer to the mini-statement on the bottom of your till receipt next time you shop with us.

Society Reports “A Challenging Year”.

The Society reported a trading update to members at our AGM on Monday 13th May, following a bleak report on the state of UK retail from CEO, Barry Wood. In his opening statement, he detailed the challenges ‘coming from every direction’, including discounters forcing a reduction in margins and legislation changes increasing costs, and quoted the Centre of Retail Research’s recent report; ‘2018 has been the worst year for shops since 2008, the height of the recession, and there is no reason to think 2019 will be better’.

Election Results 2019

Election Results for May 2019

Board of Directors

Elected for 3 years are -

Susan Sullivan

Olly Young

David Van Sertima

Tony Gunn


Membership Committee

Elected for 2 years-

Judy Saunders

Following our AGM last night (13th May).

The election results were as follows:

Members Council 

Elected for 2 years-

Emily Smith

Paul Bosher

Linda Booth

Val Sullivan

Meadgate Primary School help us to clean up local area...


We teamed up with Meadgate Primary School and set off to clean up the local area on Tuesday 7th May.

Teamed with a class of 26 seven-year olds, our Marketing Team, alongside their class teacher, Mrs Mbonye and three other LSA helpers from the school, went out on an adventure around the Meadgate area to pick up litter and educate children on the importance of not dropping rubbish and of recycling. 

The lowdown: wine words

Message on a bottle

In case you’re sometimes puzzled by the terminology on wine labels, our mini guide will help you out.

How do you know what a wine’s going to taste like, based on the descriptions on the label? Here’s our quick guide to a few words used to describe white wine…

Acidity — wines with high acidity can taste tart, sour and zesty. They give a sharp edge to your palate.

Pizza and wine matches

From our unique sourdough pizza bases to our authentic toppings, our Irresistible pizzas are perfect for a different kind of bank holiday gathering!

Enjoy with a glass of Co-op wine for the perfect Bank Holiday treat. Here's the lo-down and which wine matches which pizza...

1 Co-op Irresistible Prosciutto & Rocket Pizza, 450g. The mineral taste of Chablis complements the savoury prosciutto here, which is why we recommend Co-op Irresistible Chablis.

Need some honeymoon inspiration?

Then look no further than our top ten list of destinations to give you the honeymoon of your dreams…

From cascading waterfalls in Bali to the Shanghai city skyline and the emerald jungles of Costa Rica to the pearly white sands of Fiji; whatever you want from your honeymoon our top ten list has it covered...

Top 10 honeymoon destinations

1. Ubud & The Philippines

Find out what makes Co-op’s unique new Easter egg absolutely irresistible...

Rosie Mullender heads to St Ives in Cornwall to find out what makes Co-op’s unique new Easter egg absolutely irresistible...

The sign of a great Easter egg is thick chocolate, a smooth, creamy taste and that lovely snap when you crack it open,’ grins Mark Brian, managing director of County Confectionery in St Ives.