Southend pre-school receives latest Community grant

Wednesday Jun 21, 2023

We’ve issued our latest wave of Community Fund grants, just in time for Co-op Fortnight, with the latest beneficiary being a pre-school in Southend.


The Humpty Dumpty Pre-School has been looking after young children between the ages of two and four for 30 years. Much of their play equipment, which is designed to help stimulate young minds and develop learning, has been used since the start and is in dire need of replacement. They requested a total sum of £5,000 when they applied for funding through Essex Community Foundation, and we were pleased to cover a significant portion of that through our Community Fund.

A key project for the the funds is to reinvigorate a small patch of derelict land that is parallel to the pre-school. Unused in years, it has become particularly important to the team to get it back up to scratch to enable them to spend time with their young children outdoors. Head teacher, Carolyn Izard, said; “Many of our kids are stuck in flats with no green spaces. They spend little time outdoors. They don’t know where plants or vegetables come from. We are eager to set this space up as a safe and effective space for outdoor learning.” Still visible are signs of a sandpit, flower bed and outdoor blackboard which hint at the what the space could look like when it is finished.

Pauline Dodd, Chair of our Membership Committee, which selects how the Community Fund is spent, said; “It is clear that the teachers at Humpty Dumpty are doing the best they can with what they’ve got, but I hope this injection of funds brings a new lease of life to the pre-school. I look forward to revisiting the garden space next year to see how it has changed!”

Pauline Dodd (left, with Richard Hyland from our Members Council), meets headmistress Carolyn and two of her team.

If you’d like to read more about Humpty Dumpty Pre-School and what they do for the local children in Southend, take a look at their website here or follow their facebook pages. For more details on our Community Fund, click here.