Tackling social isolation Rochford & Castle Point

Friday Oct 21, 2022

One of the latest beneficiaries of Chelmsford Star’s Community Fund is Wyvern Community Transport, a charity providing door-to-door transport services to the people of Castle Point and Rochford in Essex.

The new anchorage rail allows multiple wheelchair users to be comfortably and securely transported across the county.

Funds from the grant were used to adapt one of their Community buses so that it could comfortably and securely transport additional wheelchairs, thereby making it possible for more of those with severe mobility issues to get out of their home and enjoy some social time.

Pauline Dodd, Chair of the Membership Committee which represents Chelmsford Star’s members, said;

“This service is clearly essential, and some of the stories I’ve heard today about what it’s helped local residents to do, and what it has meant to them, have really moved me. Sometimes, just being able to get out of the same four walls for a few hours, or have a conversation as part of a social group, can have a huge impact on someone’s life. The staff here are clearly passionate about what they do, and it is so wonderful to see. We were so pleased to offer them a Community Fund grant.”

Local residents can join Wyvern’s membership for free, and any journey up to 3 miles will cost £5. The service can ensure people who struggle to get around can make hospital appointments, attend social groups or classes, and it even takes residents to their local shops. “We love the Co-op on Long Road Canvey Island!” said Wyvern CEO, Maria.