From ‘Pinkmas’ to ‘going green’, read more about the trends for Christmas 2023 here…

Thursday Oct 12, 2023

With seemingly relentless doom and gloom in the press, it’s no surprise that we’re all eager to cast aside the daily grind and add a little festive magic to our lives for Christmas 2023.

Whatever your taste for the festivities and however much you like your home decorated, we have something for everyone, covering all budgets.

Here are the top 4 trends we’re talking about for Christmas Decorations…

Trend 1 – Snow & Ice

It’s not hard to see why the snowy variation on the traditional Scandi colour palette of icy blues and greys is gaining in popularity.

Pale ice blue and navy tones can be mixed with white, grey silver, pale gold, and cream to set a beautiful winter wonderland scene. 

Add in our cute grey gonks and fluffy festive cushions to complete the look.

These cute grey gonks will help complete the look


Trend 2 – ‘Pink-mas’ Pastels

Embrace your inner Barbie with this year’s Pink-mas trend! We’re crossing the tonal range – no longer is Christmas just red & gold!

Celebrating the full spectrum of the pink-purple colour palette, with pastel colours of yellow and green in between!

You’ll find decorative ornaments from quirky gonks, sweet gingerbread houses, and nutcracker men to add to your home for the festive season! 

We can’t get enough of these pastel-coloured nutcracker men and glittery gonks!


Trend 3 – Go Green!

Greenery will be everywhere for Christmas 2023! 

With a renewed appreciation of our green spaces since the pandemic, it’s no wonder that an abundance of natural, fragrant foliage is high on our Christmas wish list this year and we are embracing the colour in our ornamental range.  

In addition to foraged greenery, we’ll see plenty of dark greens and glitters featuring in festive displays.

Create a green vibe in your home with our range of glitter gonks and nutcracker men, we love the touches of gold to add that festive feel


Trend 4 – Candy Cane Stripes

Not going away any time soon, the red and white candy cane stripe is back in full force for Christmas 2023.

So whether it’s a Grinch & elvish Christmas of red, white and green, or a Scandi scene with red, white and gingerbread brown, this classic Christmas colour combination will be high on this year’s wish list.

We love the stripes on our gonks and nutcracker men, enough to give that Christmas feel, subtle enough not to take over!

We love these cute nutcracker men to add some traditional colour to your theme and this glittery gonk with his candy-striped legs and arms

All are available to buy in our two Quadrant Department Stores.