Top Tips for a Cool Nights’ Sleep this Summer

Thursday Jul 07, 2022

As much as we love it when the sun is shining, many of us struggle to get a good night’s sleep when the weather is warm. If you’re struggling to drift off this summer, check out some of these handy hints for a cooler, more comfortable night.

  1. Take a shower before bed

Try a cool shower to freshen up and lower your body temperature before you hop into bed. This will work to make you feel refreshed and more comfortable for an easier drift off; plus, a rapidly lowering body temperature is known to help produce melatonin, the chemical which makes us feel sleepy.

  1. Keep your curtains closed

To keep your bedroom from getting too hot during the day, make sure to keep your curtains or blinds drawn to keep the sun from shining directly into the room. While it may be best to keep your windows closed while the air is hot, do be sure to throw them open later in the evening to let a cool breeze in.

  1. Try a cooling pillow

Turning your pillow over may work in a pinch, but sadly it’s not usually long until it warms back up. Why not try one with cooling technology, such as Sleepeezee’s StayCool™ Gel Pillow? This pillow features an outer layer of Sleepeezee’s Staycool™ Gel which is designed to reduce heat retention and lower your body temperature at night and is finished with a unique cool-touch fabric to further enhance the cool feeling.

Available in our Quadrant stores. Sleepeezee Staycool™ Advanced Gel Pillow, £69 (Summer Sale price from 11th June – 13th August 2022. Usual price £89)

4. DIY Air Conditioner
For those of us not quite lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of an air conditioner at home, the effect can be recreated quickly and cheaply by simply putting a frozen water bottle or bowl of iced water in front of an electric fan before switching it on. The ice creates cool air which is then distributed around the room by the fan for a nice chilly breeze.

Tower Metal High-Speed Velocity Fan £83.99 Braintree Store

5. Eat light

Avoid eating a heavy meal too soon before bed, as the energy your body uses to digest food actually raises its temperature, particularly if you are very full. Instead opt for a lighter meal earlier on in the evening, allowing plenty of time for it to go down before you hit the hay.

Consider a fresh summer salad or a zesty quinoa dish – you’ll find some good meal ideas here!

6. Bedding materials

The key is to choose the right fabric – avoid synthetic fabrics such as polyester and opt for natural fibres such as cotton, linen, or silk if you’re feeling luxurious! This is because these fabrics are naturally breathable, help to regulate body temperature and wick moisture, which is a plus for those sweaty nights. Check out our selection of bed linens in the CottonSoft® by Bianca range, for gorgeous 100% cotton sets in a variety of colours and patterns.

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7. Nightwear

You may well choose to do without in warm weather, but for the same reasons as choosing the right bed linens, wearing the right sort of nightwear can actually work to help you stay cool. Again, opt for cotton, linen or silk – we have some great choices in our department stores, such as this gorgeous (and very summery!) leopard and palm leaf cotton chemise by Cyberjammies available in the Chelmsford Store.

Available in our Chelmsford Quadrant store. CyberJammies Tamsin Leopard Palm Leaf Print Chemise, £29


8. Keep hydrated

It might sound obvious, but during those hot summer days be sure to drink plenty of cool water; if you’re feeling thirsty you are already dehydrated, which of course won’t help when you are trying to drift off to sleep. It can be tempting to have a cup of tea before bed, but it’s best to avoid caffeine where you can as this actually raises your body temperature – plus, an icy water is much more refreshing when you’re feeling hot.

9. Create an airflow

If having your bedroom window open doesn’t seem to be letting in much of a breeze, it may be worth opening some additional windows around the house and keeping your doors open, so as to allow air to flow through. This will help create a stronger breeze which will have more of a nice chilly effect.

10. Consider changing your bed

Not all mattresses are created equal, so it may well be that yours is not actually doing much to help regulate your temperature at night. In particular, memory foam heats up really quickly due to the dense material, so it may be worth investing in something more lightweight for the summer months. A good option is Sleepeezee’s Staycool™ bed range, including the Cooler Supreme and Poise Plus (both available in our Quadrant stores), which features the same innovative Staycool™ Gel and cool-touch fabric as the pillow, but in mattress form for all-over cool comfort.

Available in our Quadrant stores. Sleepeezee Cooler Supreme, from £699 (Summer Sale price from 11th June – 13th August 2022. Usual price from £999)