Top 10 Travel Tips

It's more expensive than ever to travel abroad, so here are

Chelmsford Star's top ten ways to save money on your hols.


10. Get ATOL Protected.

If anything goes wrong, you'll need protection to avoid losing your money. This covers you.


9. Bigger may be better.

If you're travelling in a large group, hiring an apartment or villa may

be cheaper than booking a hotel.


8. Insurance First. Holiday Second.

If you don't have cover and you get ill before your trip, you'll risk

losing everything if you cancel.


7. Shop around for Travel Currency.

Never buy at the airport, always get your money in advance.

Co-operative Travel tends to have the best rate on the high street, commission free.


6. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Find a travel agent that has been to your destination before. Or has

time to call around to find the best/ cheapest/ most suitable package or deal for you.


5. Book In Advance.

Whether it be your airport parking, taxis, hire cars or transfers,

booking in advance will save you significant cash.


4. Withdrawing cash costs. 

Be aware, withdrawing cash from an ATM abroad will cost you high

interest rates. If you must do it, pay it off in full on your return.


3. You don't have to go direct.

In many cases, travelling to another airport first can not only save you flight costs,

but it also adds an extra country to your holiday! An experienced travel operator can help with this. 


2. Go Independent.

If there is a hotel or resort you like, finding an independent travel operator will allow them

to find you the best price from multiple options.


1. Everyone benefits.

If you book with Co-op travel, inside Quadrant department store, nearly a third of the

money you spend stays nearby to support local community groups, charities and the Essex economy too.

Everybody wins!