Travelling theatre group funded to aid more schools

Tuesday Feb 20, 2024

The London Bus Theatre Company are one of the latest groups to receive funding from our Community Fund.

The theatre ensemble travel to different schools and community halls teaching young people valuable lessons through drama and workshops. Funding from Chelmsford Star has enabled them to produce and develop courses on both shop-lifting and bullying, with them now being performed all over Essex.

We were lucky enough to attend North Wick Primary School recently where we got to see the theatre group in action. Actors assisted the Year 6 pupils to put together short plays to highlight the effects of bullying, and then performed them in front of the year group, and the impact of the workshop was clear to see. Headteacher, Mrs Lane, confirmed that the lessons learnt are followed up in subsequent classes to reinforce the message these workshops delivered.

Pauline Dodd, Chair of the Membership Committee which decides how our Community Fund is allocated, said, “seeing the pupils taking the role of Bully and Bullied in front of their peers, and thinking in those kinds of ways, was very effective and you can see it made the children seriously consider how their words and actions might hurt somebody. Being told the same message in a classroom, or reading ‘how to behave’ in a book would be far less impactful on them, I’m sure.”

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