We are celebrating Co-op Fortnight

Monday Jun 20, 2022

It’s Co-op Fortnight – from Monday 20 June to 3 July! This year we are celebrating the many different, inspiring ways that being part of a co‑op makes to people’s lives.

Every year, hundreds of co‑ops across the UK work together to celebrate and promote co‑ops during Co‑op Fortnight. It’s organised by Co‑operatives UK and brought to life through events and sharing stories about the power of co‑operation on social media.

We are proud to be a Co-op and the many ways it makes us unique from other businesses.

1. Chelmsford Star Co-op is owned by members so it’s fairer for everyone, and together we can and do make great things happen.

2. We work hard in our local community by helping community groups, food banks and charities, as well as helping out with events such as clean-ups and local festivals.

We help to clean up Central Park in Chelmsford

3. We are concerned about our local environment and aim to reduce our use of packaging on products and to reduce our energy consumption. The Society recently achieved its 5-year energy targets by reducing electricity usage by 25%. Read more here.

4. We’ve long known that animal welfare is a top priority for our customers and members. Hence the Co-op is one of the few UK retailers that only sells shell eggs from free-range or organic hens, and the same goes for ingredient eggs used in our own-brand products. This benefits not only our hens, who can express their natural behaviour, but also our customers who can support consistently higher welfare standards irrespective of their budget.

5. At the Co-op we believe in a better way of doing business. That’s why none of our own brand toiletries or household products are tested on animals. Cleaning might not always get us jumping for joy, but at least when you clean with Co-op own brand household products, you can be sure they’re cruelty-free. We believe that testing toiletries, cosmetics or household products (or the ingredients they contain) on animals is inhumane and unnecessary – and we know this is a subject that’s close to our customers’ and members’ hearts too.

6. We’re backing British farmers, 100%! All of our fresh meat is now sourced from British farms. By supporting British Farmers, you’re helping communities across the whole of the UK. So, whether you’re popping in for a sandwich or a beef joint for Sunday lunch, every delicious bite is making a difference.

7. The Co-op’s history of support for Fairtrade has seen us tirelessly promote a better way of doing business. Fairtrade guarantees a better deal for the world’s most disadvantaged growers and small-scale producers, ensuring they receive payment that always covers the cost of sustainable production and an additional premium to support producer development programs. We have championed Fairtrade for over 26 years and the Co-op is the UK’s largest convenience seller of fairtrade products and has delivered many ‘firsts’ over the years, from being the first retailer to stock Fairtrade products in all stores in 1998 to sourcing major Fairtrade commodities as ingredients across our entire own-brand range 20 years later.

We have championed Fairtrade for over 26 years