We attended the Little Legs Festival to promote healthy eating

Monday Jun 20, 2022

We attended the Little Legs Festival in Braintree on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th June.

Thursday was attended by Judy Saunders (Society President) AKA Strawberry, Tony Price (Vice President) AKA Pineapple, Emily Smith (Marketing Co-ordinator) AKA Carrot, the Friday was attended by Pauline Dodd (Director) and Kevin Bennett (Head of Membership & Marketing) AKA Strawberry)

We dressed up in fruit & veg costumes and handed out free fruit to the children, as well as coupons to the parents and grandparents for our local co-op food stores. We wanted to promote healthy eating and show the children that eating fruit is fun. We also had bubble wands on hand which the children loved.

Feedback was very positive and more children than ever seem to love eating fruit. We made some friends on the day and the Pineapple and Strawberry even had a complimentary train ride at the Festival.

Daisy enjoyed her fruit with The Strawberry

The Strawberry and The Pineapple enjoying a train ride


The gang making some friends

Pauline & Kevin handing out fruit on Friday


The animals at Remus enjoying the leftovers

We had some leftover fruit on Friday when the Festival closed and this was given to the animals at the Remus Horse Sanctuary shortly afterward.