We joined the Rainbows and Brownies to help clean up Springfield

Tuesday Jun 07, 2022

Emily & Julie join the girls ready to collect litter


We joined the 1st Springfield Rainbows and Brownies on Monday 6th June to help clean up Arun Park in Springfield.

The girls were really enthusiastic about helping to clean up their local environment and were very aware of the dangers of dropping litter, particularly plastic on local wildlife and some even commented that it could end up in the ocean.

Emily and Julie from our Membership and Marketing Team accompanied the two groups, firstly Rainbows and then the Brownies to get on with the clean-ups. Some strange objects found included some lip gloss and a fork and over six bin liners were filled.

We are very keen to help our local community and have some further clean-ups planned in which we are looking for volunteers; find out more here.

The 1st Springfield Rainbows


The Brownies group with their litter