We’re bananas for Junior Parkrun!

Wednesday Apr 26, 2023

We were pleased to donate some fruit to the launch event of the Hutton Recreation Ground junior parkrun on Sunday.

This is a fantastic free event taking place for juniors every Sunday. The restoration of a junior parkrun in the borough of Brentwood has been in the planning stages for some time now, and on Sunday 23rd April the Hutton Recreation Ground junior parkrun was born.

The team have been watching the number of registrations slowly build up, and by Saturday night they had 48 children that had registered Hutton Rec (as it’s known to its friends) as their home event.

There was a quick sweepstake between the organising team of how many they thought they would get as an initial attendance and were very surprised! After a huge local rain shower overnight, Sunday morning arrived full of sunshine and anticipation. Nervous excitement appeared to be the order of the day!

Ready to meet at the ground at 8am, some volunteers dropped in at our Hutton Co-op food store to pick up a donation of fruit and snacks for the families after the event.

Emily Smith, (Marketing Co-ordinator) commented: “We love to support our local communities and encouraging healthy eating is something very close to our hearts. We were very happy to donate some fruit to the event to help the children refuel after their run. It’s great to see that the launch event went so well and long may that success continue”

To find out more about this event and other parkruns and junior parkruns in the UK, please visit: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/huttonrecreationground-juniors