We’re committed to recycling…

Sunday Jun 05, 2022

Summer is in full swing, and with it we’re out and about a lot more. But we can and should still be conscious of the impact we have on the world around us. To mark World Environment Day on 5 June, we are giving our top recycling tips and advice…

As a Co-op, we’re committed to recycling. Where we can, we’ve replaced plastic packaging with cardboard, to reduce our single-use plastic. We’ve also made changes like making our milk bottle lids a lighter colour so they’re easier for recycling machines to sort. Most importantly though, all our own-brand food packaging can be recycled.

Soft plastic scheme

We rolled out our soft plastic recycling scheme in 2021, and you can now find recycling bins in 31 Chelmsford Star Co-op stores (see full list below). They’re designed to make recycling soft plastic easier than ever.

Find a list here of what can and can’t be recycled.

A quick reminder on how to recycle
  1. Separate all your food waste, hard plastics and soft plastics
  2. Use your Co-op compostable carrier bag for your food waste
  3. Put your hard plastics in a local or kerbside recycling bin
  4. Give your soft plastic packaging a quick wash, then search for your nearest Co-op store to recycle it

Co-op food products have seen 331 tonnes of plastic removed from fresh fruit and veg packaging over the last two years. Of the waste that Chelmsford Star produces, 99.6% is recycled. Within the estate, stores have separate food waste bins that are collected for anaerobic digestion. Also, we are partnered with Olio in two food stores, who facilitate connections with residents who can use surplus food. The redistribution of this food alone is worth almost £7,000 in the year.

When the single-use carrier bag legislation came into effect in 2015, the Board took the decision to move away completely from single-use bags, which is why only ‘bags for life’ were sold within our stores. In 2021, the Society switched to compostable bags, across the entire estate, replacing the current bag for life vest carrier. A woven bag for life will add to both the Food and Department Stores range in 2022.

Despite Covid restrictions, the Society has undertaken many clean-ups within the last year in Northwest Chelmsford, Braintree, Hullbridge, Chelmsford City Centre, and Shoebury beach. These clean-ups are important to our local communities, tidying up areas, and keeping the county clean whilst educating those engaging with the event. For future events please click here.

Reduce your plastic use this summer

Here are some extra tips so you can reuse and recycle as much as possible:

  1. Make sure any plastic you do use is recycled, either in your local recycling bin for things like hard plastics, or in a soft plastic recycling bin in a Co-op store
  2. Reduce the single-use plastic you use – take reusable cutlery with you before you go on a picnic or use wooden alternatives, for example
  3. Invest in reusable containers and bags for your shopping – these are great for things like loose fruit and veg. And of course, remember to take a tote bag or bag for life to carry your shopping in.

The following stores have a soft plastic recycling bin

Duke Street Ingatestone Dagenham
Kings Road Challis Lane Nevendon Road
Writtle Blackmore The Sorrells
Torquay Road Cressing Road West Road
Broomfield Church Street Hawkwell
Hutton Great Notley Hullbridge
Meadgate Woodford Green Thundersley
Galleywood Mungo Park Road Long Road
Moulsham Lodge South Ockendon Leigh-on-Sea
Beehive Lane Tilbury
Danbury East Tilbury