We’re inspired to tackle climate change and protect nature as part of the #GreatBigGreenWeek!

Saturday Jun 10, 2023

As a Co-operative we do business differently, we work within several values and principles, one of which is care in the community which includes how we treat our local environment.

Your Board is conscious of the environmental impact that running the business on a day-today basis can have and we are celebrating these this Great BIG Green Week.

For many years the Society has been considering how its impact can be reduced. In 2022, the Society rolled out 24 voltage optimisation installations within the Food stores to aid with energy reduction longer term.

The table below shows the Society’s carbon footprint.

  • The Society’s fleet of company cars is relatively small, however, of the Society’s company car fleet, 64% are classed as electric or hybrid, compared to 60% last year.
  • Up to 31st December 2022, the Society’s electricity is generated from Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) backed renewable sources, with the power used in our stores coming from five onshore wind projects that the Co-operative Group helped to develop which combined provides approximately 15% of our energy per annum. The remaining volumes are derived from Scottish Power’s Whitelee wind farm near Glasgow.
  • Of the waste produced by the business, 99.2% is recycled. Across the estate, stores have separate food waste bins that are collected for anaerobic digestion. The partnership with Too Good to Go should see the amount of food being sent to anaerobic digestion decline.
  • Your Society works in partnership with the Salvation Army to provide clothes recycling services at six food sites. This has assisted customers in recycling almost 26,000 kgs of clothing.
  • The Society, along with other retail Co-operatives, provides recycling points for soft plastics. These are light plastics that often cannot be placed in recycling bins at home.
  • Your Society continues to support the Fairtrade movement and locally the Chelmsford City Fairtrade campaign and are pleased that in 2023 we will resume holding an event to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight. Environmental protection is ingrained in Fairtrade: farmers must improve soil and water quality, manage pests, avoid using harmful chemicals, manage waste, reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and protect biodiversity.
  • We hosted a tree planting event back in February 2023, in conjunction with Chelmsford City Council, where a group of volunteers assisted us in planting over 700 trees. Read more here. 
  • We are hosting a clean up event on Friday 30th June in Chelmsford. find out more here.

  • We are hosting a Beach Clean up in Southend on Friday 22nd September (tbc)