What’s On Your Mind?

Your chance to put questions to the Board of Directors and Executive Management team of Chelmsford Star Co-op

So, what’s on your mind? Your feedback is important to us, in fact it’s an essential part of being a co-operative.

This is your chance to ask our Board of Directors and Executive Management team anything you want to know about your Society. Or, you may simply chose to tell them what you think. Do you have a burning question about policy? Did you want to quiz them on strategy? If so, fill out the form below.

Responses will be made available to view online. The Board and Management won’t enter into direct correspondence and they are only able to comment on non-confidential issues. If your question relates to the day to day running of our Society (such as issues related to products, customer services or our stores) please email the Membership team at Membership@chelmsfordstar.coop.

Responses to the questions we receive will be posted on the ‘Your Questions’ page below. Please keep your questions succinct and courteous.