World Chocolate Day – 7th July

Friday Jul 07, 2023

Choose ethical chocolate for World Chocolate Day…

World Chocolate Day on 7 July is the annual celebration of chocolate, and the perfect chance to switch up your usual chocolate of choice.

Fairtrade certifies a wide variety of chocolates in different styles, flavours, shapes, and price points, making it easy to pick delicious chocolate that’s full of fairness.

It’s a sad fact that most cocoa farmers do not earn enough to cover basic needs – women cocoa farmers can earn as little as 23p per day. But farmers deserve more. They deserve a living income.

When you choose Fairtrade chocolate, you know that farmers are getting a fairer price for their cocoa, supporting a brighter future for them, their families, and their communities.

Fairtrade cocoa simply wasn’t widely available before 2000 and it’s been a story of continual progress, supporting smallholder farmers in Peru, The Dominican Republic, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.

In May 2017, the Co-op became the first UK retailer to source all of our cocoa on Fairtrade terms. Every spoonful of cocoa we use, from the chocolate sprinkles on our doughnuts through to the chocolate chips in our Irresistible cookies, is benefitting Fairtrade cocoa farmers.

Our commitment contributes around £450,000 per year in Fairtrade Premium to farmers across West Africa and Central America.

Now, in 2023 choosing Fairtrade has never been easier, meaning you can make the ethical and fair choice every time you shop.

Awa Traore is a cocoa produce in the Côte d’Ivoire. She is empowering women to become leaders through fairtrade. 

  • In 1998 we became the first supermarket in the UK to start selling Fairtrade products in every Co-op store.
  • In 2000 we were the first UK supermarket to sell own brand Fairtrade chocolate
  • In 2016 all of our own brand Easter Eggs became Fairtrade certified